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navigation palettes not being retained

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hello all


as per the title really. since using vwx 2021 i find that everytime i open vwx at the start of each day i have to manually set all my choice of navigation palettes i.e classes, layers, references etc 


sometimes just the order of the tabs is wrong, but most of the time they all turn off so i have to turn them all back on . quite frustrating. is happening on various machines i use on different licences (hot desking) so this might suggest its not specific to my MAC

anyone else experienced it?  not a big job but quite annoying to do all the time 



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I have seen a couple (but only a few) people with this issue. I don't think a definite solution has been found.


1.  Are you running the latest Service Pack? (Currently SP4 as of Aug 16, 2021)

2. Where do you have your User Folder stored to in your Hot Desk scenario? Is it possible that you have multiple people working off the same User Folder and preferences? In that case the last person to quit VW will overwrite the saved location of the palettes and the next person to open will get theirs.

3. Have you tried resetting the preferences? Either the simple button in the VW Preferences.

4. Have you tried removing the user folder and letting VW create a new one?

5. Have you tried manually deleting all of the Nemetschek and Vectorworks presence and plist files?

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thanks for the response pat. to explain the scenario a bit better. due to covid, I currently have my own machine at home with my own vectorworks licence,  and in addition we temporarily have a couple of machines in the office that anyone can use (but its multiple users that are using the same vwx licence as its only ever in use by one person at a time).

I am on the hot desk machine right now so cant answer those questions for my home machine, will check it out later this evening.

so hot desk machine - 

1. on the latest service pack 
2. user folder is stored /Users/*company name*/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2021 (but it is happening on my machine that only i am using, so it is not possible that other people can overwrite it)

3. will try 
4. Will try 

5. will try 

thanks for the suggestions - will report back but it may take some time for a true relfection as it doesnt forget my settings reliably everytime i restart, but it is very common so will let you know 



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