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Spotlight: managing and animating scenes

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Hi All,


So...I'm losing my mind with this. Last year around this time I figured out how to do a simple animation in VW moving light sources inside a cylinder (see attached) to cast shadows. I remember that I used Spotlight->Visualization->Animate Scenes to do this. I also seem to remember that there was something non-intuitive about the process...something I had to do to make it work that wasn't just saving the scenes and then animating them. Fast forward 12 months and I'm trying to repeat this and cannot for the life of me figure out how I did it previously. I don't think it's that it was just broken in VW 21...I think it's probably user error, but I have beaten my head against this for longer than I care to admit and cannot make it work. Anyone able to help? 





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It should all still work.
You need to use Manage Scenes to store the data from the light.
Put the light in the first position and focus it. Check to see that it renders the way you expect. Save the scene.
Put the light in the 2nd position, focus it, Check to see that it renders the way you expect.  Save the second scene.

Set the rendering options then run animate select scene 1 and scene 2, give it a time and check the compression options then click OK and it should render the movie.

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