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Image Prop crossed planes

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I want the image prop for my plant symbol to display without crossed planes in 3D. I go into the plant style + choose to edit the current 3D graphics which takes me to the edit mode for the image prop. I uncheck 'Crossed Planes' but when I return to the plant in the drawing it is still showing crossed planes:







How come the plant graphics show one thing in the style but something else in an instance of the style in the drawing?


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@Tom W. The way plants are created on the backend of the software is a bit of a mystery and just doesn't behave as we expect, like many things in Vectorworks.  @Monadnocdiscovered the solution to your problem many moons ago...  Group the imageprop while editing the 3D geometry of the plant object.  I've used this trick in the past for very specific situations.



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Ok this went into the TW-VW manual + now 2 months later I come to use it + what I find is:


My Plant looks like this when Crossed Planes is enabled for the Image Prop:



I want to disable Crossed Planes so I edit the 3D Graphics for the Plant, Group the Image Prop as per tip above + disable Crossed Planes inside the Group. This has the desired effect, in that back in the drawing my Plant now only has one plane, BUT for some reason it has doubled in size in the process:



If I go back into the edit mode + Ungroup the Image Prop the tree returns to the correct size but goes back to being Crossed Planes again. So it seems I can indeed display a plant image prop with a single plane but only if I'm prepared for it to be double the correct size...


I am trying to include two 3D representations of the tree within the same symbol, one with 75% Glow + crossed planes, the other with no Glow + no crossed planes, and control which one I see by class. At the moment this is what I see with both classes visible:



@jeff prince any ideas why it's behaving like this + any way to achieve what I'm trying to do?




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Ok basically when the Image Prop is Grouped you lose the ability to scale it within the Plant PIO. So in my case my tree is reverting to the original 25m height of the Image Prop + ignoring the 11.256m height the Plant has in the OIP

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