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Possible to make Texture Bed Hardscape invisible?

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I have some gravel paths + a parking area on my site model which I created using Texture Bed Hardscapes. Is there a way to 'turn them off' in 3D views? I can turn them off by class in Top/Plan but can't seem to hide them in 3D...


They were a quick way of showing a future phase of works on the site but I don't want to show them in all the views. I hadn't appreciated that the 3D element would actually be part of the site model rather than something I could control separately... Any tricks I haven't discovered? If I create them as texture bed landscape areas instead can these be made invisible? I have not tried the landscape areas with components yet...



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without digging too deep, because one should be able to hide those elements, how about just duplicating your design layer with the site model, and simply removing the texture beds?

sort of a workaround, but fairly painless.


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Cheers Kevin I was wondering if that was the only option. Was hoping I was missing another way as the file's pretty enormous as it is but I suppose will be a good experiment to see how many MB it will add... 


Answer: 8 MB (650 to 658)

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Check the Site Model Snapshot. I think it preserves each status as a “dumb”  version.  Full view rotation and render, but no edits, similar to a DLVP

Create design layers for site modifiers of each phase. Place the hardscape site mod objects on corresponding layers. Switch the site modifier effective layer(s) to show the layer/phase desired. Requires update each switch.  Make the snapshot for each phase


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Hmm I'm not sure a Snapshot will work. Because it updates when I update the Site Model - so I can't achieve two different states simultaneously. I think the duplicate site model is my only option. Snapshot site models are not static, they are dynamic copies of the original model that will update when the original model updates so they allow you to to present different graphical options alongside each other but not different site modification options. As far as I can tell

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Doh!  Sorry that's not the answer. I guess copies of snaps are mainly intended as a way to compare mesh/extruded contour, etc in same view.


But Ungroup or Convert to Group produces a static mesh and skirt. The data and other smart features are lost, but visuals of Texture Beds, and effects of other Site Mods are preserved.  If update desired, make a new snap and delete the previous.


A little test shows that texture beds and hardscape texture beds are captured in the snapshot.  A hardscape slab modifier is not included in the snap, but the effect of the pad created by the slab mod is captured.  Assuming the snapshot is moved to a dedicated layer, it can be ungrouped to preserve the terrain shape, then copies of slabs and other items can be pasted in place on it.


Rather a tedious workaround if lots of items or lots of changes. Need to be careful about data/reports of copied items.  Also, I find the snap is slow to render in OGL and probably other modes, too.


If duplicate Site Models is a better option, perhaps keep the separate phase versions in separate files and bring them into the project file as DLVPs?



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