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LED Pixel Tape fixture / visualization

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

At the moment we don't have a dedicated object specifically for LED tape like this,

There is another route though, Vision can convert any mesh object (a piece of geometry) into an emissive RGB object.

One thing to remember when doing this is that you will need to set up a separate piece of geometry for it in in spotlight, before opening the design in Vision, otherwise the complete object will light up. Also you won't get the points of light for each emitter on the tape.


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Thanks a lot Jesse. 

That has been my work around until now. 🙂


I was hoping someone knew a genius trick. 🙃


Do you have any documentation on how to build a GDTF fixture from scratch? 

I am having a little difficulty finding the complete information. 


Best from Mathias 



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I know we have some limited resources about GDTF on the Vectorworks university




Otherwise the GDTF group has a Youtube channel and has started to upload tutorial videos about the GDTF builder and how to use it.




and lastly there is the GDTF group forums



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