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lost snapping abilities



Our file that was fine is now having vertex and snapping issues. It began when my boss noticed the Callouts he was placing no longer had a vertex between the leader line and the shoulder line. Now, he just reported to me that he is unable to snap to ‘perpendicular’, ‘parallel’, etc. He has the snapping palette options all turned on.

Thanks for any help!


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On 8/11/2021 at 3:10 PM, Pat Stanford said:

Holding down the ~ (tilde) key will temporarily turn off snaps. If you have not already, try restarting VW. It could be just a glitch. Or a bad keyboard 😉

I use the tilde key for the arrow tool and have and set the X key for "Suspend Snapping", but even when set it does not work. Any suggestions are appreciated... going nuts with clicking and unblocking the snaps. My setup used to work fine in 2017.

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6 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

Are you sure you don't have the X key mapped to multiple things?  In the default workspaces it if set to the Selection Tool. If you have it mapped to both suspend snapping and something else I could imaging it being bad.

So, after restarting for the second time it works with my intended key. Thanks for your prompt reply Pat.

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