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jittery object info palette


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another problem may be your video card -- I don't know macs very well but I have built enough PCs to know enough to be dangerous

Ensure you video card is properly seated

it also may have been damaged by static during sloppy assembly

it could also be overheating -- ensure vents are clean and all fans are working

you mouse should scroll if properly configured.

good luck

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thanks vitanaut [smile]

the mouse can scroll every where else except in the palettes: object info palette, layer diaologue box, class dialogue box... etc. but it does scroll in the model view dialogue box ?!

for the scroll "button" within the object info palette, most of the times it works, sometimes it doesn't. just like the layers/show/snap/modify others command. [Frown]

[ 02-25-2004, 03:09 PM: Message edited by: stephanie ]

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