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Font publishing rasterized when bold



For most of my annotations, I like to use the font Baskerville in its bold form, however, it seems that whenever I publish the sheets, the bold font is always rasterized, while the few sections where it is not bold (like in some of the title block), it exports with the vector text as it should. Is there some way I can remedy this? It's not really a readability issue, but I would like the text to be selectable in the PDF, which it is when it exports as vector, but not as raster.


In the picture, the top line is bold, and the bottom is not. Its only 12 pt font, so when printed it will not be an issue, but like I said, I would really like it to be cleaner and selectable for the PDF.

Screenshot 2021-08-08 140102.jpg

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I believe that that there are fonts that can not be included in PDFs due to licensing. I believe that Adobe, (probably in order to make more money on selling fonts) will not include fonts that they are not certain are properly licensed.


Check the versions and the source of your Bakerville and Baskerville Bold fonts (Font Book if you are on a Mac). Also, check your VW Preferences for Font Substitutions and make sure that you are not substituting something for Baskerville Bolds.

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