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Stop me if you already know of this little option, or if it has been discussed previously.

I have found it more than helpful over the years. For example, when you need to convert a PDF file into usable data into a VW file.


Basically, you can import a PDF file, that has been created with a cad program, and NOT from a scan, and 'ungroup' the PDF and you will end up with 3 objects.

1) a bitmap image

2) a blank rectangle

3) the original lines, polygons, etc from the original file, which are to scale.


I attached a VW 2020 version as an example.


PDF TRICK V 2020.vwx

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3 hours ago, Ride said:

Is this related to the resolution of the PDF before ungrouping?


I think yes.


3 hours ago, Ride said:

Can that be increased to get better results?


If the author saves the PDF with higher DPI.


Line work is real vector data, but the resolution is not as accurate

as we are used from a CAD. Even in CAD you can get a similar

experience and effect, e.g. when you draw far from origin.



So for me PDF content was never accurate enough - I hate ugly

uneven numbers.

Therefore I just use PDFs as graphical underlay and even switch

PDF Snap off. Maybe a fine Grid Snap setting instead.

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