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Importing Sketchup Into Vectorworks 2021



I have a client who has done their entire scenic design in Sketchup. I don't have Sketchup, but can preview it using the web based Sketchup GUI - so I know it's a "working" file. Every time I try to import into Vectorworks, I get the error saying that it is "Either damaged or created by an unsupported SketchUp Version." 


A little google told me that you need to "save the file as a 2019 file" in Sketchup first. Is this still broken as of 2021?


Come on, guys!!! 




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10 hours ago, trashcan said:

For those looking for an answer to this. 


You can currently import SKP 2019, 2020 files into VWX


2021 (current version) doesn't work. 


Vectorworks support is looking into it. 

Thanks for the heads-up

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9 hours ago, Jacob@tangably.com said:

Good rule for Sketchup imports is to use a Sketchup file one year older than your Vectorworks version. This has been the workaround since the Sketchup import feature was integrated into Vectorworks. Would be helpful if there was a note in the Vectorworks import dialogue.

100% (but still sad that we have to go back a version)

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