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custom F34 truss corner can't get the angle right

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HI Guys, 


I am keen to create a truss symbol for our F34 truss hinge at a 2.5 degree angle.

We already have symbols for this hinge at angles of 5, 7.5 and 10 degrees so the easiest thing to do in my opinion is duplicate the 5 degree symbol and adjust it all to an angle of 2.5 in both the 2d and 3d symbol which I have done.


I have updated the symbols including moving the locus. I also updated the "Custom truss symbol data" and that all seems correct, the only thing I can't seem to get right or update is the angle on which the truss connects to the hinge, on both sides of the hinge, the truss connects in the correct spots etc but the updated side of the hinge still puts a truss on a 5 degree angle instead of 2.5 degree..


I tried various things including trying to angle the locus point (not sure if that's a thing or even possible?) but after trying and searching for the answer for the last hour I thought it might be worth asking you guys where I can find the answer to this...


Image bellow for reference.


Thanks in advance.




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Hello Frans.

What you can try to do is:

Create a truss hinge.

If you go to the Eurotruss FD34 Corner resource.

There's a hinge folder.

You can insert it into a new file.

Then edit it.

Select all exit the edit and paste in the drawing.

Make it into a new symbol and convert to truss.

In the truss properties choose the hinge tab.

Under conectable with type F34.

That should work.


Greetings Martijn.


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