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ConnectCAD Undo Glitch

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I don't know if anyone is encountering this issue. But for some reason ConnectCAD won't undo properly. If I move a device accidentally sometimes the connector doesn't move with it but it doesn't show as disconnected either, and if I hit Undo it will undo the information but won't reposition the devices back to their original state. Yet if I try to manually move them back to where they were, the connectors would adjust and mess up my whole organization. It gets a little frustrating and sometimes it ends up crashing my entire laptop too. I don't really know if there is a solution to this. I have tried restarting the file, and restarting my computer, it no longer crashes but it still won't undo properly.


Thank you!

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@Nina Agelvis, @Nikolay Zhelyazkov,

We have seen similar behaviour in some of our schematics as we have been 'learning the ways'. VW21.


We attributed our problems to moving circuits and devices together not just devices. Or in some cases we had grouped devices and circuits together (which we now know is a big no no !)


In many cases we have found snapping ALL objects to grid (CTRL+-) then select all circuits - using the custom select tool (or script from it) then nudge up and nudge down (Shift UP/Shift DOWN) will 'reinitialise' the circuit connections. A bit dirty but works.


Good luck.






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I have noticed this undo problem to show it self couple of times where devices undo and move to last position but circuits stay put but are shown as connected. Easiest to resolve the issue is to redraw circuit again. Luckily glitches have been on short straight circuits. 



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