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Cannot Activate License over Internet due to "Communication Problems"



I've seen a few threads regarding this issue - however, every time a representative takes it to DMs and so theres know developed knowledge-base on how to solve this problem.

This problem has occured for me on my 2014 License (which has had multiple installations and activations, so i assumed it was maybe a limit thing though the tech told me there were NO devices on that license - which I find absurd. after telling me to turn off antivirus and firewall - the rep stopped responding to my emails. nice.) Convincing my boss to bite the bullet and buy the 2021 version, I am once again faced with this problem.

Removing my firewall and antivirus has done nothing. My pc is not wifi-compatible. there are no VPNs.

Look folks - this seems to be a recurring issue. And its not even marked as a known-issue in your threads, nor is there any evident solution to this problem. Imagine spending 5,000, and all you want to do is to start working on your projects - and for more then i am paid a month - I cannot access a professional piece of software. Please address this insanely archaic form of activation. We pay alot for our money - yet it seems software that costs 20 dollars understand the importance of an easy onboarding experience - which this has not been since the start.

- cant easily tie my online account with non subscription purchases without service select
- 5 days wait from payment to recieve my license
-  license wont activate on a Ryzen 7, GTX 2070 w/ no firewall, VPN, or antivirus.

Tell me, if this was your experience after spending 5K - how would you feel?

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