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Hoist Tool 2021 - Lost functionality

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You will have to make a vectorscript command.  You can do this with the custom selection tool.  OR

Put the attached file somewhere on your hard disk and double click on it.  OR

Use the plug-in manager to create a command called "Select all Legacy Hoists".  When you edit the script, place the following line in the text window:


SelectObj(((R IN ['HoistVW'])));


and save the command.  You can then put that command into your workspace in any menu that you specify.


Why are the new hoists the way they are is above my pay grade.  If you want help with any of the above, contact me.




Samuel L. Jones
Developer of AutoPlot Tools for SpotLight, and AP Cable Tools
E-mail: sjones@autoplotvw.com
(310) 993-4172 (cell)

Select All Legacy Hoists.vs

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Thank you for the workaround, Sam.  


I was a customer of yours before VW incorporated the hoist tools into the standard distro, pre-braceworks.  Seems like they've created a market for you again!


Guess I'll submit a feature request to restore the lost tools.  Total insanity over there!


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