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How to get the (data) tagged object?

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When tagging an object using a data tag, a connection between the two is established.

I'd like to find a way to get the handle of the objects that was tagged by a certain data tag.

In my mind a command could look like this

hTaggedObj = vs.DT_GetAssociatedObj( hDT )

The only commands about data tags I could find in the developer wiki are these two:




The List View Ex dialog of the debug mode wasn't much help either.

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What about this:

def IsTagged(h):
    result = False;
    num = vs.GetNumAssociations(h)
    assH = None
    assKind = None
    value = None
    i = 0;
    while(i < num and result == False):
      assH, assKind, value = vs.GetAssociation(h, i);
      if (assKind == 37):
        result = True;
        i = i + 1;
        return result, assH;

This would help finding Tagged Object. This was some I found in the Forum here. It works in a Marionette Object, which is inside a DataTag to find the tagged Object. So I think you could loop all Objects and check with vs.GetAssociation() type 37. Then you have the Tag and could check the Kind of Tag.

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This one, used while in Annotations, uses the selexted Datatag and jumps to the tagged Object in yours Model and select it.

import vs;
objs = []
def Name(h):
	hLayerObj = vs.GetLayer(h)
	hLayerAct = vs.ActLayer()
	hAss, iAssKind, iAssVal = vs.GetAssociation(h, 0)
	if hAss != 0:

vs.ForEachObject(Name, "((INSYMBOL & INOBJECT & INVIEWPORT & (VSEL=TRUE)))")

if len(objs) == 1:
	hLayObjs1 = vs.GetLayer(objs[0])
	vs.DoMenuTextByName('Group Navigation Chunk', 2)	#Verlasse Ergänzungen
	vs.Layer(vs.GetLName(hLayObjs1))					#Wechsel Ebene
	vs.SetPref(94, True)								#Aktuivere Modellansicht
	vs.SetPref(14, True)								#Zeige Objekte auerhalb Gruppe

	for x in objs:
		hParObj = vs.GetParent(x)
		iTypParObj = vs.GetTypeN(hParObj)
		if iTypParObj == 11:
			vs.DoMenuTextByName('Group Navigation Chunk', 1)
		if iTypParObj == 15:
			vs.DoMenuTextByName('Group Navigation Chunk', 1)
		vs.DoMenuTextByName ('Fit To Objects', 0)


Hope this one is helpful. Have fun,

Heiko Jakob

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