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Edit Workspace issue

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I am using a macbook pro OS 11.5.1 (13" Apple M1 chip) with VW 2020 SP6.


Under Tools > Workspaces > Edit Current Workspace, I went into Menus > File > Export > Export PDF, to set a new keyboard shortcut for that menu item. After that, the shortcut worked perfectly until I closed VW and started up the next day. At that point, the same keyboard shortcut activates some other aspect of VW and I have to go back in and reset the shortcut. When I navigate as described above to Export PDF, the keyboard shortcut I had chosen is still shown there as being linked to that menu item but it doesn't work. I click OK, and a notice that the workspace has been modified pops up and, again, everything is fine until I close VW and start it up again.


Why does VW not "remember" the changes I have made and saved?








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