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After creating a section there are miscellaneous lines that really have no meaning to the section drawing.

I have tried using the rectangle tool (among others) to try and 'overwrite' or blank out those lines that are irrelevant, but no matter they always show 'through' whatever I use to cover them.

Any hints regarding how to clean up a section?

Thank you.

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When creating a model to create a section from I'm wondering what would help.

As it is .... for instance my foors are merely extruded polygons and my walls are not framed and my roofs are not framed. Also am wondering if I should 'venture' in to cavity line type walls?

Would it help my sections if I were to 'frame' these layers of my model?

Thank you

[ 01-21-2004, 09:35 PM: Message edited by: buz ]

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Originally posted by P Retondo:

Don't know whether framing in 3d would help your sections, but cavities do not exist in 3d wall objects and do not show up in a section. This is something we'd like to see incorporated as a feature at some point to help us generate framing detail when taking a section.

Thanks for that - guess I can add my name to the wish list

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