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ETID: SOLVED!!!! Lumion/Vectorworks materials best workflow?


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Hi there, 


I am loving Vectorworks site Modelling + Lumion rendering, but I am really struggling with the sync. 


Has anyone found a way to re-sync the Lumion + Vectorworks file without losing all the materials on Lumion? Every time I have to re-sync a project (e.g. after a tweak to the vws masterplan), I loose all the materials I previously applied on Lumion, but I keep the objects (e.g. peoples and plants). 


Any help is greatly appreciated.




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VW-Lumion is sweet! If you're running Wndows and have a spare hour for a testdrive you'll be blown away.


I have seen this mapping error happen before but not for a while. If you change the texture/color of an object in VW it breaks the material mapping in Lumion but the wholescale loss of mapping is a different animal.

Do you lose the VW Texture->Lumion Material mapping every time or just sometimes?

Will it happen in a test file after a restart of your machine?

Are both files saved and using static file names?

Do you keep both files open at the same time - you should be able to tweak the master VW and see the changes reflected in the Lumion almost immediately.

You have the option to bypass LiveSync and instead export a Collada (dae) file from the latest version of your VW file and import this to Lumion.


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Interesting you ask, this just happened to me this morning with VW2020 and Lumion 12.

I'm not sure if it was because I didn't commit the save from Lumion properly or I started with a VW file from 2021, or I need to restart after installing Lumion 12.

Are you LiveSyncing from VW->Lumion or exporting a file?

I do notice that after making changes in the Lumion file I get the Save as... button but not the Save button which is really odd ... I'll test it again to see


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