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adding a dimension to a record

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Hello everyone, I've tried looking this up on the forums but I might be looking for the wrong searchterms.

I've never worked with records and so far I feel like it can really increase my workspeed.


Example: I have created a symbol to block-out bookshelves. It is a generic symbol and I use a dimension to display the length so that when i stretch the symbol, the measurement updates automatically (great so far!). I made a record listing some information and I would love to have the dimension being reported here, so I could later add for example some formulas calculating the amount of books.


I haven't figured out how to get the dimension into the record, is there a way to get it done or a different approach?



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Show us the criteria you are using. In the Criteria dialog box there is a check box for Show Objects in Symbol. You will definitely need to check that. You will probably also need to assign those dimensions to a special class.


There is not easy way to get a single database row to display information about a symbol and about the items inside that symbol in a single database row.


It would be  possible to write a worksheet script that will report the information you want.

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Thank you for your reply, this is all quite new for me so I'm sorry if I might be approaching this all wrong.


I have been experimenting a bit further, I wasn't aware of how to make a report without a record yet, but I found out how and I have made a simple basic report.

Now I have a report which lists all the lines in a certain class and reports the length of these in the table,

I also managed to make a calculation like I would in excel, however this only takes the total length in account.


The most ideal situation would be if I could have a specific calculation (like the example in the image) applied to every seperate object (2.1, 2.2, etc) and if I could somehow make the outcome of such calculation appear as a number on the object (as a tag maybe?). Currently I do this manual almost weekly, I would be open to scripting it but since I have almost no experience with vectorworks scripting I'd have no clue where to start.

Schermafbeelding 2021-08-02 115634.png

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Database subrows are special. There is no way outside of that specific row to grab the data that is in the subrow.


If you put your formula in column B of the database header row (B2, not B2.1, 2.2, etc). then you should get the value for each subrow displayed.


Ask again if you need more help.

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