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Turn text into stake - possible?


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Hi all,


I've never used Vectorscript (but do have a compsci degree and could cobble together code if need be!) but I was wondering if you think it would be possible to achieve the below, and if so if you have any tips on where to start.


I would like to take a landscape site survey (AutoCAD DWG import) and turn the text fields for spot heights into stakes, where the value of the text would become the stakes Z value. 


For ease, I think the location of the stake would have to be the text's centerpoint - they usually come in with an X (symbol) marking where they are, but there is nothing to link the text and this symbol together apart from proximity, so I don't think it would be easily doable.


This would in effect give me a terrain for a 2D drawing.


I could easily enough isolate the level text onto their own layer.


Your thoughts would be appreciated!


Thank you.

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This should get you started. It creates 3D loci not stakes, but maybe someone else will offer that bit:


Procedure ReplaceTextWith3DLoci;
Procedure DoIt(h1 : HANDLE);
    pX, pY, rAng : REAL;
    r1 : REAL;
    Flag : BOOLEAN;
    i1 : INTEGER;
    s1 : STRING;
    s1 := GetText(FSActLayer);
    i1 := Pos(' ', s1);
    IF i1 = 1 THEN Delete(s1, i1, 1);
    i1 := Pos(' ', s1);
    IF i1 > 0 THEN BEGIN
        Insert('.', s1, i1);
        Delete(s1, i1 + 1, 1);
    IF NOT ValidNumStr(s1, r1) THEN r1 := RealDialog('Z value:', s1);
    GetTextOrientation(h1, pX, pY, rAng, Flag);
    Locus3D(pX, pY, r1);
    IF h1 <> Nil THEN DelObject(h1);
    IF YNDialog('Replace text blocks with 3d loci?') THEN BEGIN
        ForEachObject(DoIt, (T = 10) & (Sel = True));


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Hi, i realise this is an old post however i was also trying to convert lots of text points on a survey file into actual z values or a 3d loci. But when i try the above the a small table then appears and wants me to enter a Z value (and seems to want one for every point) so it's not actually transferring the number in the text as the value. Any ideas what i'm doing wrong here?


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The script is not reading the way your text is formatted properly to be able to make it into a valid number so it is asking for the value instead.


Post a small file with a sample of how your text is formatted (what unit marks, any prefix or suffix that is not a number, etc.) and we should be able to give you a version that will work for your need.

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