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Create helix spiral with more than 62 turns

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Hi there.


For a graphics project, I'm trying to create a coiled helix that kinda looks like a coiled lamp filament. I'm creating it by drawing a 2d curve, and then using the 3D Power Pack/Create Helix-Sprial command.


It's making a nice coiled 3d objet for me that's in the ballpark of what I'm looking for, but the coil itself isn't tight enough. When I try and modify the "Turns" value in the OIB, I can't increase it past 62 turns before I get an "Object creation failed due to invalid parameters, please use different parameters" error.


I thought it might have to do with the radius of the coil, and maybe VW won't let the coil overlap itself, but even when I adjusted the radius to a size where the coil is really far apart, it still gives me the error.


I'm attaching a screen shot of the current coil that I'm working with. The size is not the final version, I can't really dial it in until I've got this detail sorted.


Any ideas on how to (literally) wind myself up tighter?


; )





Screen Shot 2021-07-29 at 7.32.39 PM.png

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@ajemuttWhoa!  Sorry to miss this until now.


Just to confirm - I get that same limit of turns.  No idea why any limit, or why limit is 62.

I can think of a couple work arounds:


1. Break the base curve into equal segments (dupe along path a marker, then split tool) short enough to make required total turns with each segment under the 62 turn limit (or equiv pitch) on each segment.   Requires some math fussing to make the end/start angles match up at the joints.  This is probably the better of my two ideas


2. The Deform tool>Twist Solid does not seem have a limit on the turns.

Basic workflow -

Top view: extrude a line segment or poly to desired path length. Fewer vertices is better, but even a circle works.

Place a locus at desired center of the twist rotation.

Engage Deform Tool>Twist Solid mode (1st mode).

Click the poly (highlights), click drag the locus (protractor appears) eg along x axis

Press Tab if needed to reveal floating data. Fill in with #turns * 360, click OK

Might need to wait, but it should compute.  Result is a generic solid.

Now use the Deform Tool >Bend modes to bend the new solid into desired config.  This could be a difficult task it winding through 3 space.


Too bad a 3d poly cannot be the object to twist.


OK, tell us what you came up with.



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