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Wishlist - Paste on multiple layers



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I wrote up a menu command that will do this.  When you run the command, it will detect whether your active layer is a Design Layer or a Sheet Layer and will then launch a dialog box listing either Design Layers or Sheet Layers and will allow you to select the ones you want to paste to.  When you click OK, it will paste the contents of your clipboard in place on the selected layers.




To install the plug-in, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the attached file Paste On Multiple Layers.zip to a convenient location
  2. In Vectorworks, click Tools - Plug-ins - Plug-in Manager
  3. Click on the Third-Party Plug-ins tab
  4. Click on the Install button
  5. Select the downloaded .zip file
  6. Click OK
  7. Restart Vectorworks
  8. Click Tools - Workspaces - Edit Current Workspace
  9. Click on the Menus tab
  10. In the box on the left, find the category JNC and expand it
  11. In the box on the right, expand the destination menu (such as Edit)
  12. Click and drag Paste On Multiple Layers from the left to the destination menu on the right
  13. Click OK

Let me know if anything weird happens.  I tested the command out in both Vectorworks 2019 and 2021 and it seemed to behave itself.

Paste On Multiple Layers.zip

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