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Simple geometry loses ability to use math




I am having an issue where simple geometry (i.e. rectangles) are losing ability to be edited for size using the object info palette. For instance, if I create a rectangle, and then would like to resize it using the Width or Height fields in the OIP, it has no effect.  The value just reverts to original value.  This is using template file that were imported from VW2012.  Hoping I do not need to rebuild my template files. Currently running VW2021 SP4

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On 7/29/2021 at 11:24 AM, toobiloo said:

has no effect

You probably already do all this already, but just to make sure -


Multiply function in the OIP fields uses * rather than x


Update of entry in the OIP fields is not immediate.  It requires a subsequent action.  Almost anything will do - Click in drawing space, click in another OIP field, press Tab or Return key, etc.


Seems very possible that a v2012 template is broken by v2021, but not sure.  Test new geometry in a new native v2021 file - should update as expected.  Then test by Pasting into the new v2021 file some old, unresponsive geometry converted to v2021 from a v2012 file.  Might reveal something?



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Yes, thank you I will try that.  I am going to try to track it down when I have some time.  Seems random at the moment, although I have only noticed it on imported templates.  "Clean" files are fully functional.

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