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How to make a plan rotation permanent?

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Hi all - been doing SDs for a 7 sided flag lot. Finally have a preferred orientation for the main part of the design. Is there a way to 'flatten' or 'codify' the plan rotation? Ive saved several views for things, and now would like one of them to be the new normal.



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I think you are going to want to select all the items on the design layer and rotate them by the desired angle. If you set your layer options to Modify Others then you should be able to rotate all the layers at the same time.


Rotating the design layer will mess up any saved views and viewports that you might have already set up.

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Pat, since I'm just in shematics, there arent really any viewports yet worth saving. Not having to set rotation on all the new ones would outweigh... 

I'm already georeferenced, so perhaps this isnt possible, but it seems like there should be a way to set a user grid of some sort

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