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Truss Label - Add Trim Heights



Requesting there be a separate prompt in Spotlight for Hanging Positions to not only Label the Hanging Position but also under that label to list the trim height. Currently I am using separate text on it's own and would look a lot better if those 2 items lined up consistently in some way throughout the plan rather than me having to nudge a separate piece of text around under the Hanging Position Label. Alternately if not only text maybe an option to read the data from the Z position listed for that hanging position to use as Trim Height.  

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Thanks this si a good system but this is still separate from creating a Position out of truss objects. I do also find that now I am hearing that Truss Positions created in Spotlight do not transfer to Braceworks, this needs to be looked at so that positions can be created and used and transfer to the rigging side of jobs also. 

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