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Does anyone know how RoofArea_Heated is calculated? It says it's the roof area without the overhang, so I would imagine on a roof with no overhang, RoofArea_Heated would equal ROOFAREA_TOTAL, but it's less.

If I use a roof face object, (even with no walls) the heated=total if the roof axis is at the perimeter, if it's inset, it looks like it assumes an overhang anything downslope of the axis, so a butterfly roof doesn't calculate correctly.

Anyone know how it does the math?



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Yep, looks like its based on the placement of the axis. With the create roof tool you can make a structure where you can adjust the overhang on each side, and it will calculate correctly. With the roof face tool, it only knows the overhang on the one side based on the axis, so you have to correct the math manually.

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