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Speaker array populate position issue

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Hello guys,


sorry if this topic has been discussed, could not find any thread related


  I have designed a speaker array based on symbols1. (Adamson S10) (VW21  SP4)

  • first the position of rigging guides are very far from insertion point (50m / 37m)  ; is it something I have to configure ? ; I don't really need them yet it seem this impact my following question
  • The bumper is inserted at the insertion point ; but the speakers are populated at the opposite rigging guide point... Is it a library problem ?
  • I have tested with the L acoustics KAra & bump ; both populate at the proper position (insertion point -yet I still have these very far rigging guide points that looks strange


thanks for your comments & suggestions





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info about VW version
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Antoine -


If you look at the "__ATS-SpkrModData" or "__ATS-SpkrModData" Record you'll likely find that the different dimension fields (Width, Depth, Thick, etc.) are using the incorrect units.  First, make sure that they are TEXT fields (NOT Dimension).  Second, make sure that the values they contain include appropriate units markers (mm, cm, ", etc.).  If you check and fix those fields and values and then open and close the Config dialog, things should right themselves.


I hope this helps.

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