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Site modifier pad with retaining edge - hot to get a clean line sinking down?


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I am trying to create a sunken storey within my site through using the site modifier, but instead of creating a nice clean edge with a retaining wall it just creates a massive gentle  slope through entire site. How to resolve this? I tried pretty much every setting there is... 







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I think your best bet is to use a Pad with Retaining Edge.  It's a little confusing how to make it work, you have to set the bottom, then send to surface to create the side walls.  The Retaining Wall tool is not available in Architect, though somewhere on the forum I posted a request to make it available.  

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I agree, there are many user interface issues to deal with.  I forget how I figured out the Pad with Retaining Edge workflow, but I think it was trial & error trying to understand the help system:  https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2022/eng/VW2022_Guide/SiteModel1/Creating_a_pad_or_pad_with_retaining_edge.htm


The other thing you might try is create a solid object like you're describing, and put it into the Site-DTM-Modifier Class.  Anything with that Class becomes a site modifier (and the class name can't be changed & is automatically created by VW when you make your first modifier in a file).  Let me know if that works, because if it does, I'll be using that method as well.


Also, recommended practice is to always set a Grade Limit.  If I don't need to set it closer to the building footprint, I default to using the property line to make sure grading remains on the lot.


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creating solid and putting in "Site-DTM-Modifier" Class isn't recognized. 


Fastest way found so far:

- create polygon and place on site model. put in "layer" plane, not "screen". (actually didn't try screen plane)

- set Z height of polygon to bottom of desired cut.

- do NOT need to put in "site-DTM-modifier" class

- select the polygon and "Create Objects from Shapes...." which is on the "AEC" menu.

    - object type: “Site Modifier"

    - select “Pad with Retaining Edge”

    - (and “proposed” or “existing”) etc.

- from menu: “AEC” - “Terrain” - “Send to Surface”

    - little window comes up. select “Fit the retaining edge”

- “Update” site model

- Done


This cuts out the hole for a building without placing fill around the building on the site. The "Send to Surface" and “Fit the retaining edge” does the job. 


have to practice since so unintuitive. 

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1 hour ago, Henry Finch said:

Important to set Z height of polygon before making into site modifier or is it before sending to surface? 


Set the elevation of the Pad in the site modifier preferences when you run the 'Create Objects from Shapes...' command. But you can change it via the 'Elevation' parameter in the OIP at any point after that, e.g. if you need to raise or lower your building, just update the site model after doing so

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