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QUICK SEARCH - Workspace Limitation

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Quick search (under F key) is great addition for latest version, you can quickly search for menus, tools even recently opened files and also worksheets present in active file...but it is only searching in those areas within active workspace...so it doesnt qo into all command/tools/menus unless they are present - visible in palettes/menus.

Am I missing something really obvious? I cant think of any reason why it should work that way. 

Because if it does work like this than we cannot hide palletes (and have more working space) with tools and have it available and access through quick search...


Thanks for any hints.

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You can hide/close a palette and Quick Search will still find things within it (if not, let us know as that would be a bug). However, you can't delete the palette from your workspace entirely. As it stands, Quick Search only finds things that exist somewhere in your workspace.


In fact, I've recently taken to closing ALL tool palettes to gain screen real estate. I mostly use keyboard shortcuts anyways, then I use Quick Search for the handful of tools I'd normally go to the toolsets for.

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