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Sheet List Recalculate

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The Create Sheet List only uses the worksheet as an output medium. It just creates the worksheet and stores text in cells and formats the text. There are no formulas and therefore no way to recalculate.


Unfortunately, worksheets can only see items that are "IN" the drawing. Which means that you can't report on resources (that are not inserted and used in the drawing) or on layers themselves as they are part "OF" the drawing not something that is "IN" the drawing. (the IN and OF are my own terminology, not a formal part of the VW design.)


If the sheet layers you are interested in all contain a title block or some similar object you could probably generate a worksheet that would pull data from those objects that would be recaluable.

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A long time ago, and in a galaxy far, far, away, I used a stock (I think) create drawing list common. I believe it is part of the Architect package. I keep it in my template, so it's a set it and forget it thing for me. I have found over tie that it sometimes updates itself and that Sometimes I have to use Recalculate to update.

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