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Viewport Printing as black


In VW 2021 when I print sheet layers from viewports I've created, the view port prints as solid black. This is new activity for me. It used to print normal. If I export as PDF, it prints as expected. Any idea what I might have activated in settings? I create the VP with just a standard rectangle with white fill and black line. I have tried create from an unfilled rectangle, but it doesn't seem to have an effect.


Mac 11.5. VW2021 Designer. Epson 7520 at 11x17



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@James McNeal

On 7/27/2021 at 7:30 AM, James McNeal said:

It used to print normal

When? Earlier this week? In a prior version of Vectorworks? Or earlier in this version of Vectorworks? In the current Service Pack or a prior one? 


Better put: 

  • What version and Service Pack of Vectorworks were you using when it printed fine? 
  • What Service Pack are you using now in 2021? 

If you have any 'Far Out Objects' they might be responsible for this. Although I've not had this as a symptom of far out objects before, they cause such a wide variety symptoms it's worth checking. See this post for instructions of diagnosing and correcting them: 


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