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3D Objects to Site Model

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1 hour ago, michaelk said:

I think if you make them symbols then you can use the Send to Surface command.

With the Symbol, I'm able to adjust the Z, but that value doesn't add up with the Site Model.


1 hour ago, Tom W. said:

Yes seems an extrude will send to surface but not a generic solid. If you convert them to meshes also they will also send to surface

The Mesh solution works individually: when I do to all the objects, at the same time, it creates an unique Mesh and loses the possibility of an individual adjustment.


Any other workaround?

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2 hours ago, Tom W. said:

Yes seems an extrude will send to surface but not a generic solid. If you convert them to meshes also they will also send to surface



Didn't think of that.

Seems in the past I had Extrudes only, for existing buildings that I sent

to surface successfully.

OK nearly, in a sloped terrain, as they will place their bottom center in Z,

parts of the building will fly over the ground.


I think the generic Solids will not work as Solids are still quite dumb in VW

and it only knows their geometric center of gravity.

Which would mostly not make much sense as a center to send to surface.

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44 minutes ago, michaelk said:

I just tried a 3D symbol with the bottom of the object at z=0 and it worked on my machine with your file.  Make sure the symbol definition has the bottom of the generic solid at 0.





Understood your idea and I got to the same point that I had with the mesh object: individually it works; in a group of objects, in assumes the mid point of the "group" and it doesn't get an individual behavior:




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5 hours ago, michaelk said:

Did you make one symbol or many symbols, each with one object?

This is my problem: I just made a small sample in the file. In the project, the fence has thousands of geometries. Converting individually all of them is a nightmare. Is there a way to make a "bulk conversion"? 

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Long story short, this is a parametric element done with Grasshopper. 

What I can do is try different solutions with the import / export from rhino. For example, try to convert the objects in a mesh in rhino and see if vectorworks recognize them... 

I'll make some tries and post the results here. 



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On 8/1/2021 at 2:12 AM, Tony Kostreski said:

@jpccrodrigues -- thank you for discovering this. I have submitted a VE that all types of objects should be able to send to surface.


For internal reference (VE-102184)

Thanks Tony,


To evolve in the 3d / BIM / parametric design, we need use the best feature from each software. And the more versatile Vectorworks becomes to receive these "inputs", the more important it becomes at the end of the day (as the main software in the work pipeline).


Thanks for your continuous support.


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