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Door Schedule but with a twist ... room names

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On 7/27/2021 at 1:27 AM, _James said:

Unless i've misunderstood, I think you can do what you ask with "=GETSPACENAMEFOROBJ" in a worksheet.


See attached file, you need to be using spaces for your rooms but it seems to work ok.GetSpaceNameFromObj.vwx1626833826_Screenshot2021-07-27at09_27_04.thumb.png.d739d3a42317981a1858fd794d794077.png


Thanks James,


You saved me a lot of time! That was exactly what I was looking for.


Have a good day knowing you made mine.

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24 minutes ago, Gregovitch said:

Too bad there isn't one with the space number and it's name. But I am happy to live with 1 column the numbers and the other the names.


Does using the =concat formula to combine the two columns into one get you what you want? e.g. '=concat(A4,B4)' to create a third combined column then drag the original two columns to the side to hide them

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4 hours ago, Wes Gardner said:

@Tom W. , could you post a small sample file where this occurs? I'm not sure I have an answer but might stumble onto something???




Many thanks @Wes Gardner see attached. Let me know if you stumble onto anything...

There are a couple of saved views with some notes pointing to where it's working + where it isn't...

I could understand if none of them worked where the Space isn't actually touching the wall that the door/window is inserted in but the fact that out of 10 in total 7 work fine + 3 don't is a bit strange. Plus the door on the first floor which definitely is touching spaces on both sides yet only picks up one of them - can't understand that


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@Tom W. I'm still not sure why some of the Windows won't show if the Space doesn't have the projection towards it - though if you set the boundary of the Space to Auto-boundary, it creates those automatically and the worksheet will display everything correctly. 

The trick with the Door is to uncheck 'Show 3D open' as that only shows the Space the Door is opening into.

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Thank you for your reply @Luka Stefanovic


Interesting to know that unchecking 'Show 3D Open' for that particular door will cause it to report properly in the worksheet but the question then is why all the other doors which have 'Show 3D Open' checked work fine??? The majority of the doors are set to be open in 3D (only 2 are shut I think) but the others all work fine. Why do I have to close this particular door in order for it to work???


Yes you're right I could create my projections-into-the-windows by auto-bounding the spaces in question to the walls + enabling 'Create niche for space objects' for the windows. But I'd rather the Spaces didn't display like this (with the niche projections) + it would force me to apply the same to all the other spaces which currently work fine. Again, just disconcerting when something works fine in the majority of cases + no explanation for why it's not working in a minority of them...


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You can also use '=COBie.'Component'.'Space' to display the number of the room into which the door is leading.  It's actually reporting the 'nearest spaces' as found in the 'relations' tab when you view the iFC in Solibri.

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On 7/26/2021 at 9:15 PM, Tom W. said:

That's pretty cool thank you @Boh

Doesn't quite do what @Gregovitch wanted but still pretty good.

Out of interest, is Windoor what VW ships with as standard in Aus/NZ? i.e. it replaces the separate Window + Door tools? Or is it in addition to them?

Tom, just noticed your question regarding WinDoor....I am one of the lucky one who purchased WinDoor many years ago so I am able to get the updates for each version of VW.  I couldn't live without it, I must say.


To your question, it is just an addition to the existing doors and windows PIO's.


It will feel like Christmas to all VW users if it does find its way to 2022.!!  🙂

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Hi @Kevin K thank you so would you sometimes have Door objects, Window objects + WinDoor objects all in the same file? A bit like the way there are four different stair tools. Or do you pretty much use WinDoor for everything? Just interested to know if there are any circumstances where standard Window/Door tools are preferable or if WinDoor is just superior all round.

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Yes, you can mix and match between WinDoor items and the VW doors and windows, but....for my work, I just use WinDoor items for everything.

The Worksheets that come with WinDoor do allow to report data for both WinDoor Items and regular windows & doors from VW.


No reason to mix and match since, with all due respect, VW doors & windows don't come close to what you can do with WinDoor.


One MAJOR thing that I love about WinDoor is that you can combine doors and windows in ONE opening!!!  I know VW can do that with curtain wall items, but not with 

just the regular windows and doors. I could go on and on....like multiple cavity doors.....multiple folding doors, etc...

Again, you guys are going to LOVE it when it arrives into VW 🙂


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The Australasian vw has both the native and WinDoor options but, like @Kevin K we only use WinDoor. Im not very familiar with the native options and I’m sure there will be some things that you can do with those that will not be available in WinDoor, or will be a bit different. However WinDoor services our requirements pretty well and it’s just not worth complicating files with different door or window pios. In fact we have removed the native options from the office workspace. 

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