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Creating Site Model from Contours - Not Working


I'm new to this, so don't know what I'm doing wrong.  I made my 2D contours 3D with the z elevations.  Then I tried to make a Site model, but don't see anything!  I don't have a 3D option in the top right - just 2D or orthogonal.  What am I missing?  

2D view.JPG


create site model.JPG

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The site model generates fine using the data and settings that are in your file.

Rotate the view and change your rendering mode to OpenGL and this is what you'll see...




You can control the 2D and 3D appearance in the site model settings and by using design layers and classes to achieve you desired organizational structure.

A better model would likely result from using the surveying points instead of these contours... they are kind of dense with vertices and simplifying the contours will just further deviate from your depiction.  Further, using 'validate 3d data' will identify a few places in the data that can be cleaned up, but in this case it really doesn't effect things significantly.


**sounds like there may be something wrong with your computer graphics if you are not able to produce and see the same results as above.

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