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Changing start value of Auto-Number Settings in Space Tool



I am trying to change the Start Value field of a Space Style from 101 to 201. The fields are shown greyed out and I cannot edit them. Is there some feature that will allow me to change the start value that I am not seeing? I have attached a screenshot of the space style dialogue that I am working with. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 10.01.42 AM.png

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I figured it out -  you have to choose the space tool, select the space style, then hit the preferences option in the space tool before placing the first label and change the start number. WHAT A FEATURE! 

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12 minutes ago, Pat Stanford said:

Or set the Space Number to not be by Style. Click the curvy arrow in the Style settings and it will change to a horizontal slider icon and then you will be able to manually set the space number for each space.




Pat - I want to take advantage of the auto numbering, the building has hundreds of rooms. It works great for a single floor, but if you try and use the same tag on the next floor up and give it a new auto number start value parameter it will think that the numbers on the floor below are incorrect and will want to update. So I figured I would just duplicate the tag style for the next floor up and name it something different and give it a new start value parameter. Wrong! For some reason Vectorworks counts every single instance of the space tool whether or not you use different space styles. Am I missing something? I would like my first floor to start with 101, my second floor to start with 201, third with 301, and so on. Is there a way to make vectorworks separate the floors for the auto numbering? 

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Sorry, I don't know enough about Spaces to know. Based on a 3 minute look, it certainly appears that all of the spaces will use the same numbering range.


Could you put the different floors in different files and then reference them into a single file? Perhaps that would allow you to number by floor?

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