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Workspace Woes



This happens regularly, probably once a week. Want to edit my workspace so click on Edit Current Workspace. VW stops working. The cursor is still there but I can't select anything. Also the Workspace dialog doesn't come up. I have to restart VW to get everything working again. When I do get the workspace dialog and do an edit, when I select OK to accept my changes, VW will crash about 10% of the time. This also involves losing my workspace. I'm getting very nervous when I want to edit the workspace. Seems particularly buggy. Anyone else have this experience?

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I have had a similar issue with editing our custom office workspace and I am using the same vw version and OS as you. Perhaps it is because the workspace is heavily customised?


Usually if it crashes it crashes after hitting "ok" in the Workspace Edit dialogue and when I reopen VW I find the workspace edits have actually been made. I haven't so far lost the workspace file.


After a few issues I have found this workaround works for me:

  1. Save any currently open files
  2. Rather than use the "Edit Current Workspace" command I go to:
    and from there select the workspace I want to edit.

I don't get the crashes when I do this (yet).


If you are losing your workspace file I suggest you make a backup copy of the workspace file located in your user library.

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Yes, i have learned to have a backup copy of my workspace. That solves the issue of an edit operation going awry. It doesn't solve the problem of trying to open a workspace for edit and VW seizing up. I don't actually use the Edit Current Workspace but rather go through Tools/Workspace etc. as you suggested.

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