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Failing When Importing 150kb DXF

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I am attempting to import a dxf from a lidar scan. The file is around 150kb. Vector works will convert the objects and get to  97% complete and then fails every time. What should I try to get this working. Thanks for the help.

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You are correct. I typed the wrong unit by mistake. It is 150mb. This is the file. It is a lidar scan of a pickup truck. I am trying to import the file to compare the accuracy of this lidar with the accuracy of a total station for close up vehicle measurements.


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It does look a bit artistic 🙂



The file opens fine in BricsCAD (above).


It also opens in Vectorworks (2021 SP4), see image below) but it takes a bit more time and used RAM memory goes up to 18GB, so if you are memory restricted that might be why it fails.



After 97% the import progress bar disappears but VW remains open though a bit slow and only after a while there is a message that the import succeeded en then after some more while the image starts to appear slowly.

What are your computer specs? That might give an indication of whether it might be your hardware or something else.

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Rhino 8 also takes noticeably more time to import and display the point cloud than BricsCAD, approx. similar to VW.



So for now I am assuming your VW/computer combination might be just slower than you were expecting with this file. How does it compare to other point clouds you have been importing?

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It opened in VW2021SP4 for me fine. I set it to import everything a 3D objects, set the conversation resolution to Medium and told it to use colors.


The problem with bringing the point cloud data in via DXF is that VW does not recognize it as a point cloud, rather as a whole bunch of 3D Loci. 1,579,900 3D loci. On my I9 MacBook Pro, it is taking multiple minutes to just select all the points or to change a view.


If you can get the data in a true point cloud format (see below), then VW could treat it as a point cloud and might be able to handle the amount of data more easily.




VW2021 file attached.




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