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Model disappears when entering flyover mode (or leaving top / plan view)


My model which has been working fine for a few days suddenly started disappearing when i use flyover mode, render or try to leave top/plan view in general. The model is still there as i can select it and see the form of it highlighted. (see screen grab)


Ive tried and checked unified view and made sure all the layers are the same scale. I cant think of any of reason for this happening. Please help. 584553247_Screenshot2021-07-21at17_11_03.thumb.png.f7c668455bfec71a0df3528030086ada.png1138404986_Screenshot2021-07-21at17_12_20.thumb.png.2d6a54e1cca4f6c61516c52cfc813f48.png

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Another thing to check is your Vectorworks Preferences>Display>Navigation Graphics.  Could be the model has surpassed your graphics card ability at current pref setting.  See if view changes behave with lower setting.


Or maybe something else entirely.






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029_Stage 1 Model_210719 NO IMPORT.vwxOk please see attached file. It's worth noting that it was messing up in a previous incarnation where when doing walk through mode it was cutting a section (a bit like an unwanted clip cube) through objects a set distance in front of me whilst i walked around. Through this forum I concluded it to be potentially due to an imported DXF. So i copied all the layers into a new file omitting the DXF and that problem went away. 


Ive updated my signature sorry. 


many thanks 

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Good catch @Benson Shaw I use clip cubes so infrequently that I always forget to check that.


But when I was playing, I don't know what I did, but I found a duplicate of the items on the House layers about 533,000,000 mm x 178,690,000 mm away from the origin. When I reopened the original file and turned off the clip cube I could not find those objects again.

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