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Any way to control columns in keynote legend?

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My keynote legend needs to have 2 columns to fit on my sheet. When I pick 2 columns for the legend, the right column is much bigger then the left column. I see no way to control this. Is there a way?

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If you select the legend you should see two blue reshape handled at the top. Those control the widths of the two columns. At least in VW2021.



Please update you profile to include your VW version, and operating system version. It makes it easier to know if we are answering the right question

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The column width is fine. The height or number of rows in each column is the problem. For example, if my legend has 60 rows with one column, if I click on two columns, the left column will have 20 rows and the right column 40 rows.



VW 2021 SP 4  WIN 10

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Based on some quick tests, I don't see a way to control the number of items in each column. In my test file it looks like VW tries to make the height of each column as similar as possible and if different notes have different heights, each column will end up with a different number of items in each column.


Can you send us a sketch of what you would like to see and maybe someone has an option for you.

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Here's the legend. I can see what it's doing now. There are 11 items in the left column and 10 in the right column. So VW has tried to even out the number of items in each column but has paid no attention as to the content of each item. if you could edit the height of the legend, that would help.



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I've come up against this in the past, and just had to live with it (ie, columns of unequal height).


It puts the same number of items in each column, rather than trying to even out the overall column height.


Sometimes messing with the number of columns can make it less bad, and sometimes I resort to a trial and error type approach. It's not ideal.


(below is a screenshot of a drawing as issued)



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That breaks some item text across columns so I would say that it doesn't work.. My workaround for two columns was to make a copy of the legend and put a blank rectangle over the part of the legends I didn't want to hide. It works but it's not something I think I should have to do.

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