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Edit background of the Device, without changing the symbol

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I have seen someone edit the background colour of his standard 'dev_label_center' in different colours in the same schedule.

I thought it was a genius new possibility, but somehow I can't seem to do it. 


Maybe is's because of the fact I don't have connectcad, which would make sense. (I just get schedules from people to take a look at and edit in VWX. I don't use it often enough to actually buy the license). But it would be great if it was possible and someone here would be able to tell me how. 


I have attached an image to explain what I mean. These are both 'dev_label_center'.  



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Hi @Pat Stanford,


Thank you for your fast reply!


This is what I initially thought too. However, this doesn't seem to work. 


I have created the class 'Rood':



And I changed it's colours to pink: 1220910429_Klasserood2.PNG.e4ea1d1ce9bd938f530a8c127d04cca4.PNG


Am I missing something? 


(Sorry about it being in Dutch, next year I'll update it to being in English..) 


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I was unclear on my suggestion (and it originally confused me in my tests also). You can set both the Fill Style (None/Solid/Hatch, etc.) and the Fill Color separately to By Class.

What you need to do is select the Fill Color and set that to By Class. The objects are already set to a Fill Style of Solid.



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Hi Stan,


Could you upload your edited file? 

I think I understand what you're saying but for some reason it doesn't quite work for me yet. 


And again, a big thanks for your help! 


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I'm super confused. The two objects you edited I can edit as well. But when I try to change the colours of other samples (in your file) it doesn't work. 


- Set it in the right class

- Click on the colour and click 'By Class'

- Leave the fill style to solid (leave it there) 

- Go to the organisation menu and change the colours of your class

 - Click 'automatically adjust settings'


End result: Nothing changes. 


If you don't see anything wrong in these steps I'll just leave it at that. Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it! 


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What you are doing sounds correct.


Do you have the Use at Creation button (upper left of the Class edit window from the Organization Palette) checked for the class(es)?


Take a close look at how I have the class setup and make sure yours are set that way also.


Actually it looks like you can't just set the class of the Device. You need to Edit the Device and set the class of the rectangle inside the device.


I thought there was a popup dialog box that asked if you wanted to apply the class change to objects inside containers, but maybe that does not impact Plug-in Objects (or at least not Devices).

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