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Palettes Dock to Top of Application Window


My Basic and Toolset palettes came undocked from the left side of my application window, and now want to dock with the top of the window. This is happening only in Spotlight Workspace, not in any others. Preferences>Session>Palette Margins = Both (i.e. Left and Right, Top is not even an option). Restarting computer has no effect. This is not the workspace I was looking for. What am I missing?



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Undock it and re-dock it to the left edge. Just hover at the top of the Tool Sets and it should highlight in blue and give you what you want.


Or if you have not modified the workspace, go to Tools:Workspaces:Workspaces... and delete the version from your User folder. The next time you open VW the default version from the Application Folder should show.



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Yeah! I have docked and un-docked palettes before, and it was never a problem.


What is weird is that the the palettes now want to dock with the top of the window, but not with the left edge, and this behavior only happens in the Spotlight workspace. I have never been able to dock to the top of the window before.


This happens with the stock Spotlight workspace as well as my user folder version.

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Partially solved.


I pulled my existing customized Spotlight workspace out of my user folder.  Duplicating the application folder Spotlight workspace, renaming and customizing it in my user folder made the Basic and Tool Set palettes dock normally in the copy, but the standard Spotlight workspace is still broken.


Very bizarre. At least I can stop being distracted by this detail. Back to work...

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