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Exporting circles as circles to dwg

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I just exported a reasonably-sized drawing consisting of circles to .dwg, and it turned every object into a polygon, resulting in huge filesize bloat, plus not the object we need for CNC.  Anyone have any experience with this?  I can import .dwg circles as circles, why can't I export?  Is there a trick to this?

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How were the circles made? If they were made with the circle tool then they should export as circles. If they are actually curves (e.g. after some operation or conversion) then they will export as polygons or splines in dwg. If the circles are filled then the fill may show up as a wipeout or hatch and upon selection that may look like a polygon.


Normally circles and ellipses do export as such to dwg. So my guess is that something else must have been done with the circles in VW or in the export settings that cause them to show up as polygons. 

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Issue resolved today after some troubleshooting with Dave from VW tech support.  We unchecked "Export as flattened 2d objects" and also unchecked every option in the 2D Fills and Files box.  The exported file size went down from 65 MB to 217 KB, and every object could be imported back into VW as a circle.  When exporting for CNC work, I recommend these options.

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