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Vectorscript Objects

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How can I create a parametric object with Vectorscript?.
For example, I want to create a rectangle that has a certain figure inside but which can use that figure as a symbol and which can change the parameters in the object information palette.

I want to create this figure as a symbol and have parametric properties to change each point independently.


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Start first by asking yourself if the effort is worth in time and or money savings to pay yourself to learn Pascal, Python or C++ or to hire someone to script for you.

If yes, identify / document what type of interaction you hope for when first creating the object, the basics of how and what you expect when editing a point. Select the best predefined plugin object to suit the profile you just documented. Then just start coding. You can start by mimicking the steps you would you would do if you were manually creating the object. Adding in the variables to store values and locations as you go. Take a look at some other coding work to get a feel for some conformity in the writing structure of your code so it remains easy to follow afterwards. Invariably you will want to tweak and correct the functionality of how you interact with your object and other aspects.

Inquire in the Vectorscript area if you are willing to take the plunge in learning scripting.  Good luck and don't be afraid to share your mistakes.

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