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Worksheet editing issues

Angelika F.


In our new project we work with project sharing, but we have a problem. Although we both have admin rights, my colleague can edit cells in worksheets, and I cannot, the cell content is marked grey. Any ideas? When I copy the worksheet to a file without project sharing, all is fine. Worksheet is not on a layer, only in ressource manager. We use VW 2021. Thanks in advance! 


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12 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

Is there a formula in cell E2? If so, what is it?


Or make E2 the active cell and send us another screen shot.


A record is attached to the symbol named Plankopf, where you can enter texts. But I am sure it has nothing to do with that, as my colleague can enter any text in the worksheet and I cannot. In the symbol everything works fine, but it is much easier to edit via worksheet.2063742278_CellE2.jpg.857116b5b3b6acc95a9d059f07b9f3de.jpg

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On 7/16/2021 at 11:23 PM, Pat Stanford said:

If everyone checks in their working files and you are the only one with a file open what happens?


Do you have the layer with the object in that subrow check out? What happens if you do check out that layer?

The symbol is on every sheet layer, some outchecked by me, some by my colleague, depending on our workflow. The problem also occurs when I am the only one with a file open.

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I am out of ideas. I have only played with Project Sharing a very little bit. 


I am actually not even sure that it is a project sharing issue. It just seems that way since you say your colleague does not have a problem at all.


Maybe direct contact with VW Tech Support might be the next step.



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