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Shortcut to go back to the None class



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You can set that up as a Saved View which you could access from a Script Palette. If it were possible to access the script that is created by the saved view, then you could probably change that into a custom command which in turn you could add a keyboard shortcut to. 


There are other folk here that may be able to help you write a script that will do just....



I just remembered you can create a script using the Custom Tool attribute command. That will generate a script that you could edit and turn into a command.

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It is actually a single line script




Go to Tools:Plug-ins:Plug-in Manager.


From the Custom Plug-ins pane click the New... button.




Name the plug-in and make it a command.



Click the Edit Script button




Type or paste in the single line from above. Make sure to include the semicolon at the end. Click OK.




You have now created your own Vectorworks command.


Edit your workspace to add the command to a menu and add a keyboard shortcut.


Ask again if you need more help.



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Sti, Stay, Good Dog! is a test I was working on. It has not made it past proof of concept. The idea was to create an object that if you moved it would always return to the original position. Sort of like Sheet Borders can always be centered on the sheet. You can select group of objects and move them and the Good Dog object will snap back to the original location.


Parametric Arrow is just what it sounds like. Enter a bunch of parameters to define an arrow. Supposed to be similar to big arrows in something like Powerpoint. Again, it has not made it past proof of concept.

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