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"functional" performance problems - multiple view panes



One of my colleagues actually has the problem, that activating objects in multiple view pane mode is not possible (or something similar, it's about activated objects and the Object Info Palette, which don't behave as usual), when 3 or more panes are open. Might that be a performance issue?

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On 7/15/2021 at 2:15 AM, matteoluigi said:

well it's a 8 story-bulding with 2 lower levels for parking, storage which all in all consists of 6 separate houses, one supermarket and 2 level parking under all houses (dwelling)


Wow. Well, with that quantity of geometry, that probably is really pushing that iMac. If the main drawing - if all that geometry - is offset even a fair distance from the Internal Origin (distinct from the User Origin), that can cause a massive variety of weird symptoms. If the main drawing is centred over/around the Internal Origin, but you have even one object far enough away from the Internal Origin, then that can have the exact same results. 


If a computer restart hasn't been tried yet do that. If it improves things, but only temporarily, then this reaffirms the likelihood that the computer is struggling. 


See my post(s) on 'far out objects.' They prove to be responsible for many, many file-specific issues in my work. See the dedicated instructions to remedy these available here: 



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On 7/19/2021 at 4:48 AM, Jeremy Best said:

is offset even a fair distance from the Internal Origin (distinct from the User Origin)

as far as i remember, there are no objects to far away from the internal origin. However I am aware of that issue.

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I think there are various bugs to do with multiple view panes. At least, when I use a 'floating view pane' I experience problems. For example, very glitchy behaviour in sheet layer viewports in the main pane, with a mess of geometry flickering in and out of view when zooming. Snaps don't behave properly in the floating view pane. Jerky 3d navigation.

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