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Splitting solid sections - differing results



I would greatly appreciate some insight into a problem I have with using the Split tool on 3D objects.


I attach a Vectorworks (2018) file.  It contains two 3D solid section objects.  After activating the Split tool, in either Line Split or Line Trim mode, both objects will highlight red when hovering the cursor over the object.   However, only one of the objects will actually split into multiple objects.   I can't figure out why!


Does it have something to do with the type &/or number of historic editing operations used to create the current object?


Thank you.

Split solid section.vwx

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It acts the same in VW2021SP4.


If you work back through the history of the Section, I think you will find that it will not split until you get to before the Solid Addition of the Extrude in the Planter Bed class to the Solid Subtraction with the cutout.




The Planting Bed object was ∆X of 1243. When I increased it to 1253, then the split works even at the top level.


I believe that what has happened is that the planter bed  does not quite touch the other extrusion so when you do the solid addition you actually end up with one object with two separate pieces and the Split can't handle that.


Or I may be wrong as I just changed the dimension back to 1243 and the split works fine now.


Good luck.

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