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Can't delete /overwrite recently published PDFs

Llama Architect


Hi, we've just completed our transition to VW2021 and I'm coming across an odd bug.


On occasion, a batch publish of PDFs will be exported, and we are unable to immediately delete the files (i.e we've spotted something on the pdf we need to correct); we get the 'this file is in use' warning; despite the PDF not being open by any reader. 

Re-publishing to that folder will not overwrite the files, nor give any warning that it hasn't; which is a little dangerous.  Only after dropping our connection to the server and adding again can we delete them.  OS X Big Sur 11.4, afp server access, VW 20201 SP4.  

Is there something in the nature of the publish command that is causing this?

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Hi @Llama Architect


I provide Vectorworks technical support for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. In my view (and based on my experience) this will not be an issue caused by Vectorworks. It will be a function of your server or network (possibly both, but less likely). Especially because you've said this occurs, 'on occasion.' It is likely to be a communication or file-availability issue, both of which the server is involved with. 


Another variable is the file sharing protocol being used by your Mac to talk to the server. Usually AFP or SMB, but I'd need to look up info to provide current advice on the preferred one, but I believe SMB is preferred nowadays. (In Finder, go: Help > macOS Help. Then search for 'SMB' and read the first couple of articles). 


One test you can do to rule in/out your installation of Vectorworks been the cause: Perform the same operation, but publish the PDF to your local drive. if you never get this error under these circumstances then you know the server or the network is most likely cause. 


That's all I can afford to contribute right now. 

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One of the things I have noticed in the past is that the file indexing can keep a file shown as "open" or "in use" to the system until the indexing has been completed. Once the file has been "released" it is possible to overwrite the file again. So if you are almost immediately overwriting the file with a new PDF this may fail. This can happen on a local as well. so Jeremy's suggestion to save the new PDF in a different location is a good one as it will tell you whether it is a file access/locking issue or not.

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