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Link text to record broken in 2021

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Nemetchek why do you continuously make my life more difficult?

Please see attached screen grabs one from VW 2020 and the others from 2021.

I have a lot of simple symbols with custom text fields, and record formats.

In this case these are symbols for a trade show style booth layout.

So booth number, and 2 different booth names with text formatting.

In 2020 the linked text would be just a slim invisible object that you have to draw a marquee around to order to find.

In the Text 2020 jpeg here's a symbol being edited in 2D, and you can see the 3 linked text objects

Yeah sometimes it can be tricky to find, but at least it's contained within the boundary of the symbol.

In the link text 21 jpeg you can see the words"#Linked Text" but with my formatting those words are bigger than the symbol.

Look at the symbol 21 jpeg and you can see the boundary of the symbol is now larger than the symbol itself, and this really messes with my ability to line objects up.

Center is not center anymore.

Is this a feature or a bug?





link text symbol 21.jpg

link text 21.jpg

link text 2020.jpg

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This was a change made in VW2021. It is considered a feature.


In VW2021 SP4 I am only seeing the #Linked Text# when I am editing the symbol, not on inserted symbols. In that case it is definitely a feature. And I am only seeing it for fields that have no default data. As soon as there is default data that overrides the #Linked Text.


Make sure you have the latest SP of VW installed and see if you still have the problem. If you do, please post a sample file or DM it to me and I will take a look.

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Please see below images for how this new "feature" ruins my workflow.

Image 1

Edited the object you can see the different fields as "#Linked Text"

The white letter format is larger than the symbol.

In this case the text field will be filled in as a 3 digit number which is this booths number.

Image 2 are 2 different symbols selected, and even thought there is no value assigned hence no visible number the selection box is larger than the symbol because the invisible "linked text" field is larger than the symbol.

Image 3 both symbols aligned left, and it aligns the invisible linked text field, and not the actual edge of the symbol.


This is not a feature, this is someone creating value by changing things that weren't broken, and breaking them.

The law of unintended consequences?


Please fix this. It's really making my work unhappy.


I'm going to submit this as a bug.


linked text edit.jpg

objects selected.jpg

objects alligned left.jpg

linked text.vwx

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