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Auto Numbering Text Fields



Wondering if there is a way to select a collection of text fields and either auto number the text from left to right, radially, or any other way.  Working on a collection of diagrams where I would like to do something similar.  alternatively to auto generate them within certain parameters the way the duplicate array function works. 


I'm aware of a couple ways to do this but wanted to know if there were simpler methods.


1st, I know I could use spotlight to auto number by clicking objects I've made using its auto numbering tool.  


2nd, I know I could use the number stamp to place them sequentially.  


3rd, I know I could create a symbol and make linked text records and then do a quick data input after the first one.  


Just looking for any more elegant ways to possibly do this on the fly as I will have varying orientations in 2d space.  I have an example of the basic numbering idea below that I would hope to do in a couple of clicks rather than manually typing each number or manually clicking on each numbered spot. 1893498073_ScreenShot2021-07-12at9_24_49AM.thumb.png.62df30d73dcf38ae1f83a513e5dec682.png


Please ask if anything doesn't make senes.  



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@markddSo for inputting the numbers Data tags have been really quick, do you know if it is possible to auto number a set of data tags that have already been generated with different incrementing numbers without selecting each one independently?

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 9.24.49 AM.png

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